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The Sentinel range are 9” round lamps that combine distinctive high-end product design, with superior lighting performance and build quality symbolic of the Lazer Lamps name. The Sentinel Elite product comes available with a sleek black internal appearance, and a combination of 32 high power LEDs, representing the very best lighting performance as expected from a product bearing the ‘Elite’ tag. Lighting performance aside, meticulous product styling ensures this is a product that stands out for all the right reasons.


Emitting 15,232 raw lumens, the lamps deliver 1 lux to 742m, but it is in the 52 degree horizontal spread of light, and visibility at the sides of the road or track in the mid to long-range that the Sentinel Elite really comes into its own. For a demonstration of the lighting performance, please click the videos section below. Like all Lazer products, the colour temperature at a pleasant 5000K is easy on the eye, while maximising sharpness and definition of objects ahead.


The stealth design of the black variant of the Sentinel lamp is achieved through the adoption of black printed circuit boards, and black bezel feature with intricate hexagonal design detail for a unique, contemporary appearance. The aesthetic appeal of the lamp is furthered through the diecast aluminium mounting bracket, with Sentinel stamp, which like the lamps themselves has an automotive-grade pre-treatment before being powder coated satin black. The result is a premium finish on the product that is fully protected against aesthetic deterioration or corrosion. An alternative ‘slim’ mounting bracket, along with a range of: lens covers, stay bar kit, and anti-theft fasteners, are available as optional accessories.


As with all Lazer products, the Sentinel lamps have been designed, engineered, and are manufactured in-house, in the UK. There is no compromise in regards component parts, or build processes to achieve a superior product, while simultaneously ensuring that more than ever, environmental stewardship and an ambitious carbon-reduction program have also featured heavily in the Sentinel products design and build.


What's included:
- x1 Sentinel Elite (Black) LED Lamp
- x1 'Wide' Mount Kit (1140k)
- x1 'Lazer' Black Lens Cover (LC-BLK-0S9)
- x1 Installation Instructions




Voltage Range - (DC) 10-32V

LED Life - 50,000 hrsWeight2.5 kg



Total Luminous Flux - 15232 Lm

Colour Temperature - 5000k

Number of High Output LEDs - 32

Power Consumption - 145 Watts

Peak Current Draw (10v) - 14.7 Amps

Current Draw (at 14.4V) - 10.1 Amps

Start-Up Time* - 5ms



Horiz Beam Angle - 52 Deg

0.25 lx Line - 1483 metres

0.5 lx Line - 1049 metres

1 lx Line - 742 metres

3 lx Line - 428 metres

LAZER Driving Light - 9" Sentinel Elite Black (Pair)


    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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