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Trailbait's Maxtrax Mount is made to fit perfectly with the your ute roll top. It enables you to fit maxtrax between the sides of the sailplane or sports bars, making use of unusable space.


It mounts into the tracks on the roller cover, and does not require any drilling or damage to the vehicle. Can be easily removed if required. 


The kit has quick-release Maxtrax pins to allow fast access to your recovery tracks if you need them in a hurry.


Pins can take up to four Maxtrax MKII, Maxtrax Xtreme, and TRED Pro.

Pin requirement must be sepefice when ordering.


Powdercoated steel & aluminium components, and stainless steel hardware ensure longevity.


Fits most late model 4WD utes, please get in contact for more information.


TrailBait Tub Maxtrax Mount

SKU: CBT1345-M

    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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