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Adding enhancements and accessories to your rig can impact your steering and suspension as the additional weight can change the vehicle dynamics of your 4x4. Drivetech 4x4’s range of steering and 4x4 suspension parts is designed specifically for the task.


Drivetech 4x4 Steering and Suspension components are designed to exacting standards. Each 4wd suspension lift kit or component is matched, ensuring the ride comfort, handling and day to day performance of your 4wd is always predictable and reliable.   


The Drivetech 4x4 range of steering and suspension products includes:

  • Standard and heavy duty coil springs
  • Heavy duty suspension lift kits
  • Leaf springs
  • Power steering repair kits and components
  • Rack and pump assemblies (new)
  • Enduro and Enduro Pro shock absorbers
  • Steering components including: tie rod ends, drag links, idler arms, ball joints and more.


Engineered to the tough Australian conditions and built to last, your next trip (whether it’s to the shops or the Canning Stock Route) will be more enjoyable and more comfortable with our Enduro and Enduro-pro shock absorbers on board.

Drivetech 4x4 Suspension

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