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T E R M S  &  C O N D I T I O N S 

COVID-19 Impact:


Please keep in mind supply ETA's are difficult to predict due to COVID-19/lockdowns and its impact on freight and/or manufacturing times. Our deposit policy now reflects these concerns and by placing an order with us you are agreeing to these conditions.


Product Warranty:

If a product is found to be defective or damaged, AOM PERTH will follow the manufacturer's warranty guidelines or provide refund or replacement upon the discretion of AOM PERTH. Warranty period varies depending on brand and product. 

If a product is found to be defective after a certain period of use but still within the manufactures/suppliers warranty, this will require sending the part to the supplier for inspection of any defective product before the warranty process can begin. This process can take a minimum of 2 weeks.

All products sold by AOM PERTH must be fitted by a qualified fitter. If not, warranty of that product may be voided.


Workmanship Warranty:

AOM PERTH warrants its workmanship for a period of 12 months. This warranty may be voided if (but not limited to):

  • Items which have been modified or not used for the purpose for which they were sold/fitted. 

  • Vehicles used in race competition or applications for which the product was not originally designed for.

  • Any item that has been involved in an accident/collision.

  • Items that have been modified, or taken apart. 

  • Items that have been misused, neglected, or haven't been maintained with proper care.

  • Items that have been altered or worked on by the client or 3rd party.

AOM PERTH is not responsible for fittings or modifications done to a product by a 3rd party. AOM PERTH will not be liable for claims made for fitment done by anyone other than AOM PERTH, modification of product, use under extreme conditions, damage or injury caused by products and any claims other than the extent described in this warranty. 

Suspension Components Warranty:

Suspension components are designed for normal use and are in no way, covered under warranty should the vehicle be used in any form of extreme sports, competition racing or produce lift of 50mm or more. Adding or changing components to your vehicle that will increase its height by 50mm or more will deem your vehicle unroadworthy and therefore workmanship warranty will be voided

Vehicle Warranty:

Installation of aftermarket items to your vehicle may adversely affect, void or violate the Manufacturers terms of warranty on your vehicle. Review the terms of your vehicle warranty prior to purchase and/or installation of any aftermarket part or accessory. 

How to Claim Warranty: 

Please contact us if you have any warranty concerns. Photos & descriptions may be required as this will assist in getting the warranty claim assessed in a timely manner. As all warranties are investigated individually on a case by case basis the supply of requested information will determine processing time. 

Refunds & Exchanges:


By trading with AOM PERTH* you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Requests for refunds/exchanges must be made 14 days from purchase date and are only acceptable if the product is in its original packaging and sellable condition - and restocking fee of 20% may incur. A return or exchange will be rejected if the product is damaged or the original packaging has been disposed of or not all parts have been returned.


If refund request is within our terms and conditions processing refunds can take up to 2-3 business days.


Please choose carefully, it is the customer's responsibility to read through given invoice and check part numbers (SKU) to insure the items being requested are correct.

Orders & Lay-bys:


A 20% non-refundable deposit is required when placing an order, lay-bys, and/or booking a fitting date. If you place an item on lay-by, a product can be locked in as lay-by for one month once deposit is received. Failure to complete payment within lay-by period means you forfeit your order.


Deposits are strictly non-refundable. All stock remains property of AOM PERTH until full payment is received. 

Please keep in mind supply ETA's are difficult to predict due to COVID-19/lockdowns and its impact on freight and/or manufacturing times. Our deposit policy now reflects these concerns and by placing an order with us you are agreeing to these conditions.

Scheduled Bookings:

We can not confirm booking times until all requested stock has been delivered to our workshop. A temporary booking can be placed but can only be confirmed once we receive the ordered products due to uncertain circumstances regarding ETA's.

If you do not comply with agreed fitting date(s) or not provide adequate notice (48hrs), an additional fee of $50 may be taken from paid deposit.

AOM PERTH reserve the right to alter a booking because of staffing levels and/or equipment failure.

Fitting Contract:

When booking in your vehicle for fitting you'll be asked to agree to the following terms:

1. Vehicle may require modification to ensure correct fitting.

2. Aftermarket parts may not be compatible with other branded parts.

3. May require additional parts to deem vehicle roadworthy.

4. It is understood that AOM PERTH will dispose of any parts that require removal unless requested beforehand by the customer.

5. The customer is responsible for loading up any parts requested to be kept by the customer into their own vehicle.v

5. AOM PERTH reserve the right to rebook fittings.

6. It is upon the customer to notify staff about aftermarket parts or modifications that may impact fitting.

7. Additional labour costs if a job takes longer than expected due to the state of the vehicle (e.g.

corrosion/rust, seized bolts, requirement of replacement parts – charged to customer).

8.We do not o er hire-car services and do not take responsibility for customer transportation.

9. Vehicles with sensors and brake assist may need reconfiguration from your dealer due to possible repositioning once aftermarket product is fitted.

10. If paying via bank transfer payment must be received before pick up of worked on vehicle.

If any other enquires please call us on 0861893377 or email

*"AOM PERTH" is in reference to AOM Perth Pty Ltd. 

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