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RIVAL Alloy Underbody Protection - Ford Ranger (2022+)

The high-quality laser cut RIVAL Underbody Armour is made from deep stamped 6mm thick Aluminium. This durable Underbody Armour offers both a lightweight and high strength solution for underbody protection. Combined with a no drill installation, it’s an easy choice to protect the underbody of your vehicle from rocks, logs and scrapes. Being an extremely corrosion resistant material Aluminium will not rust even if the surface coating becomes gouged or scratched.


Kit Inlcudes:

Aluminium Radiator Plate - SKU: 2333.1884.1.6 - $329.99

Aluminium Engine Plate - SKU: 2333.1885.1.6 - $289.99

Aluminium Transmission Plate - SKU: 2333.1886.1.6 - $289.99

Aluminium Transfer Case Plate - SKU: 2333.1887.1.6 - $289.99

Aluminium Fuel Tank Plate - SKU: 2333.1888.1.6 - $289.99

Aluminium Lower Control Plates - SKU: 2333.1890.1.6 - $229.99

RIVAL Alloy Underbody Protection - Ford Ranger (2022+) / Ford Everest (2022+)


    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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