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2.25 Gal/9 Liter Re-sealable Pouch – OMRI Certified, NSF Listed


The perfect value-for-money package to handle whatever spill mishap you encounter at home or in the workplace.

Capacity to absorb 6 quart spill.


When it comes to absorbing, containing and cleaning up liquid spills of any kind… SpillFix granular absorbent is in a class all by itself. It’s safer, more effective, more cost-efficient and simply all-around better than any other product traditionally used to clean up spills.


The convenient size jar to keep on hand in the kitchen, laundry or garage. Easy to apply directly from the jar and to store used SpillFix for reuse.

Capacity to absorb 6 litre spill.


  • Protects surfaces, non-abrasive, chemical free
  • Environmentally friendly, landfill safe
  • Lightweight, dust free, easy to use


For spills in the kitchen, garage, laundry room – or anywhere inside and outside your home – no absorbent contains and cleans up the liquid like SpillFix. Motor oil or other automotive spills are quickly absorbed and encapsulated by SpillFix’s all-natural, coconut based material. Even any slick or sticky residue is removed almost instantly. Spilled syrups, detergent, bleach, sauces, wine, even paint is now easier to clean up, and SpillFix even helps extract liquids that have to begun to permeate porous surfaces. And when it comes to urine, blood or any other body fluid… SpillFix handles those messes too.
STEP 1: Apply SpillFix to the perimeter of the spill to stop it from spreading.
STEP 2: Continue to apply SpillFix until spill is completely covered.
STEP 3: Sweep with a stiff broom over spill area until all liquid is absorbed.
STEP 4: Sprinkle a little more SpillFix and rub it around the spill area to remove any residue.


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SpillFix - Spill Absorbent & Sweeping Compound (2-in-1)

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