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The ultimate driving experience can't be beaten, and the Siberia Outlaw UDX 8" is a small package that packs a huge punch when it comes to lighting. This revolutionary LED bar stands out from other bars of its size by giving the driver the option to switch between two modes - Xperience mode and E-approved mode. To activate Xperience mode, the driver turns on the full beam for two seconds and then flashes three times. To switch to E-approved mode, start the car and repeat the procedure. This ensures the driver's safety and prevents accidental switching.


Xperience mode provides an ultimate beam pattern experience with 5758 actual lumens and a consumption of 66W. This mode delivers a wide, long, and massive light output for the first 500 meters, providing unprecedented visibility. The E-approved mode also delivers extensive and powerful light with 2788 actual lumens and a consumption of 32W, giving you an excellent view of your surroundings.


The Siberia Outlaw UDX is made of high-end components and shaped by precision, development, and world-class technology, including the best diodes, housing, and a UV-protective coating. It features the Siberia Outlaw significant yellow logotype and typical Siberia design with no edge lens and a characteristic position light. You can choose between moonlight in white or sunrise in amber.


Despite its small size, the UDX has endless mounting possibilities, perfect for pairing in the front, top, or sides of cars, trucks, or heavier vehicles, both off-road and on-road. The UDX is easy to mount with the included back and side brackets or clamp brackets (purchased separately, part no. 809185). With the Siberia Outlaw UDX 8" mounted on your vehicle, you can always count on the ultimate driving experience.

Strands LED Bar - Siberia Outlaw Udx 8"

SKU: 809161

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