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Introducing the Siberia MO - a brand new tail light in the Siberia product range with four E-approved functions, designed to provide the perfect lighting solution in one compact unit. With revolutionary mounting options, the Siberia MO comes in two versions, each delivering all the essential functions for a tail light.


One version includes an indicator, brake light, reversing light, and E-approved red position light. The other version (part number 809225) includes the same functions, but replaces the indicator with a warning light. To achieve the perfect mix and unit, the Siberia MO can be combined with the Siberia Tail light (part number 809226).


The Siberia MO can be mounted for various purposes with its revolutionary mounting options. The 10-32 V DC voltage makes it compatible with a wide range of vehicles such as UTVs, scooters, cars, trucks, trailers, and tractors. The light can be flush mounted using the included solid frame and rubber gasket for a seamless and professional installation. Alternatively, it can be mounted with the angle bracket on the back of the lamp, which can be adjusted 180 degrees to achieve the optimal angle for the vehicle. A 2.5-meter cable is provided for easy installation.


With a typical Siberia design featuring no edges, the Siberia MO has an aluminum housing and a lens made of unbreakable polycarbonate treated with UV coating, making it suitable for challenging weather conditions. The light is waterproof according to IP67 and can withstand demanding environments according to IP-class IP69K. All functions are fully E-approved and backed by Strands Lighting Division's unique three-year function warranty. The Siberia MO is the perfect choice for anyone seeking an all-in-one lighting solution for their vehicle.

Strands LED Tail Light - Siberia Multiple Options

SKU: 809224

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