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Strands Lighting Division introduces Siberia Next Level, the latest addition to the Siberia family, taking work lights to unparalleled heights. This powerful work light delivers the same output as 12-15 standard 2000 lumen LED work lights, boasting an impressive 32,000 lumens. Experience an incredibly strong, far-reaching, and wide beam pattern, while still enjoying soft and adaptable lighting when needed.


Siberia Next Level ensures a consistent flow of light and is available in 11" and 38" sizes. The versatile triple position light allows you to choose between red, amber, and white light options. The LED bar can be mounted on the side, rear, or front of your vehicle using the included brackets.

Strands LED Work Light Bar - Siberia Next Level 38"

SKU: 809223

    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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