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The Siberia Cable Set Professionals 3x DT is designed to be compatible with all Strands driving lights, and is ideal for connecting 1-3 driving lights or LED bars with a maximum consumption of 3x 156W using the DT connector, or a maximum of 480W total if the DT connectors are cut. This cable set provides excellent opportunities for a professional installation.

With the Siberia Cable Set Professionals 3x DT, you receive an adapter cable that allows you to convert from a four-pole to a two-pole DT connector. There is also an additional cable, a blue cable (Signal 87A), which enables you to send current to a position light, for example. This cable is used when switching to a multifunction relay.


The cable set and the DT connectors are protected by a protective hose that shields them from impact, wear and tear, as well as dirt and water.


To carry out a professional installation, you receive two waterproof, shrinkable splices, and a hose clamp. These are useful if you need to cut the cable for any reason. The splices enable you to make a secure and tight closure afterward, and the hose clamp reconnects the protective hose. If you do need to cut the cable, be sure to cut at least 50cm from the relay to keep the cable safe from moisture.

Strands Siberia Pro Cable Kit 3X Dt

SKU: 270478

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