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This pack includes:

  • 6 X 4M GUY ROPES
  • 1 X GEAR BAG


This pack has everything needed to secure any 270 Degree Awning.


The innovative and robust Guy Rope has a 4 metre reach which can be tightly secured at any length. Unused rope neatly packs away into the breathable net bag. The cast aluminium tensioner will ensure the guy rope remains securely fixed in the toughest of conditions.  


The heavy-duty springs allow for flex in the tie down system which ensures strong gusts of wind are readily absorbed and pegs remain securely fixed to the ground.


The springs come with a spring loop allowing them to be easily pegged to the ground.  Alternatively, you can wrap the spring around a structure (e.g. bull bars, bollards, trees) eliminating the need for pegs altogether.


The Gear Bag is constructed from a high-quality acrylic canvas and mesh to make it robust and breathable, which gives you the confidence to pack up your ropes soaking wet knowing that they won't get mouldy. It has a gusseted design which easily fits the contents whilst not taking up unnecessary space and the high-quality zipper and stitching means it will last the distance.

TieGear 270 Deg Awning Pack


    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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