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The Bi Turbo Ford Raptor mixes comfort with function and great off-road ability, perfect for towing and touring. To take this trusty Ute to the next level, Torqit’s Ford Raptor Bi Turbo 2.0L Performance Exhaust has undergone extensive R & D. Tried and tested in harsh terrain, its strength places it among one of the thickest and most durable mandrel bent systems in Australia.


The 304 grade stainless steel is up to 2mm thick, which prevents the exhaust from cracking and produces a deep note without cabin drone. This 3” Raptor exhaust comes complete with a resonator. Combining this with a wider diameter, it produces a much louder note compared to the factory exhaust. The three-bolt laser cut flanges are manufactured from 304 grade steel, and are welded inside and out for extra strength to withstand heavy duty off-roading. Unlike the factory exhaust on this vehicle, Torqit’s 2.0L Ford Raptor Performance Exhaust is visible and worth showing off- it comes in a brushed stainless steel finish with a laser cut badge visible under the bumper.


Bolting onto the back of the DPF, Torqit’s 2.0L Raptor exhaust ensures your vehicle remains legal and compliant with warranty and insurance regulations. As the owner of a vehicle fitted with a DPF, no doubt you are aware there are few things which damage a diesel engine quicker than excessive Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT’s). The Torqit DPF back exhaust for the Ford Raptor aims to lower these EGT’s by improving the flow of gases and reducing back pressure, which increases the engine efficiency and fuel economy.* It is the ideal alternative to deleting your DPF, without the legal ramifications.



  • Brushed stainless steel tube up to 2mm thick
  • Premium 304 grade stainless steel
  • Fully mandrel bent system
  • Internal and external welds
  • Three-bolt laser cut flanges
  • Heavy-duty wrap around brackets
  • Stainless steel resonator/muffler
  • Deep note without cabin drone
  • DIY bolt together install
  • Ten year product warranty

Torqit 3" DPF Back Exhaust - Ford Raptor Bi Turbo 2.0L


    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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