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A tightly sealed snorkel and airbox are a no-brainer if you like taking your Ranger off the beaten track. Torqit’s stainless steel snorkel and airbox will protect your engine from dirt and water while boosting airflow for peak performance. Plus, you’ll spend less time on maintenance, and your Ranger will work more efficiently, i.e. use less fuel.


A stainless snorkel makes your Ranger stand out from the crowd and keeps its strength without rusting or warping. Torqit’s 4″ Next-Gen Ranger Snorkel is mandrel bent and fully sealed.


  • Optimise engine performance by channelling cooler, cleaner air into the airbox
  • Prevent engine wear and damage from driving through dust and water*
  • Withstand tough off-roading and harsh temperatures with thick 304-grade stainless steel
  • Get 100% accurate installation with a steel fitting template that bolts to the engine bay


Torqit’s Next-Gen Ranger Airbox is much larger than standard, using a filter the same size as the standard 200 Series filter. Because of its size, the airbox includes an integrated stainless steel washer bottle to replace the factory washer bottle. This is the same volume as the stock bottle and uses the original pump, level sensor, and wiring – no cutting needed.


  • Get maximum airflow with a large flat-paper filter
  • Avoid dusting with an inbuilt clamped rubber seal
  • Enjoy fast and easy filter changes with a simple spring hinge, 2-bolt lid
  • Prevent warping from heat and water with thick 304-grade stainless steel



A stainless snorkel will always be louder than plastic and for us, this is all part of the appeal. With Torqit’s Next-Gen Ranger Snorkel and Airbox, you’ll clearly hear the turbocharger and intake noise. If you’re installing these upgrades on the 2L Next-Gen Ranger, you’ll also hear each turbocharger staging separately and the individual bypass valves.



Stainless Steel
Brushed to a 320-grit finish, our stainless steel option adds a distinctive look to your Ranger build.

Powder Coated
Torqit’s powder-coated option in gloss black complements the colour of aftermarket accessories such as bull bars and roof racks, giving your build a coordinated finish.

Torqit Stainless Steel Snorkel & Airbo - Ford Ranger (2022+)


    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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