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  • A safe way to change your tyre with the original factory jack
  • Load tested to over 20 tonnes
  • Non slip base that works on almost every surface
  • Rubber mat insert that gives your factory jack the extra grip it needs


Jack Base for your OE Factory Jack

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a fleet manager, suspension lifts and/or increased tyres are a necessity for work or play. 

Can you change you tyre safely or even at all with your OE factory jack? 

The Jack Base will safely give you the stance that you need with a 50mm increase in height.


Giving you that extra grip you need.

Rubber mats and pads on the top and bottom of the Jack Base provides your OE factory jack the extra grip to reduce the chance of movement during operation.


Bottle Jacks

The top rubber mat of the base,incorporates an area made to locate the base of your OE Factory bottle jack.

This provides the confidence that the jack is located in the centrally.


Scissor Jack

Notched feature in the top of the Jack Base also allows for longer footprint scissor jacks to be safely used.


Pak Offroad Jackbase

SKU: pakjack

    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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