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Next-Gen Ford Ranger models: XLT, Sport

Suited to Next-Gen Everest models: Ambiente


Here it is, our Next-Gen Ford Ranger switch cluster. You simply pop out your factory USB-A/USB-C socket, drop the bottom tab into that hole and push in and up until the top of the panel clips into place in the air vents below the in dash screen. These are the best little addition, due to there being nowhere to mount switches in the factory dash without drilling holes.


    • Utilises factory USB
    • No modifications required
    • Takes Toyota short switches (sold separately)
    • Stainless steel
    • Powder-coated texture matte black



    SKU for Next-Gen Ford Ranger models: XLT, Sport - SC-001

    SKU for Next-Gen Everest models: Ambiente - SC-001

    SKU for Next-Gen Everest models: Trend, Sport, Platinum - SC-003


    Pirate Camp Dash Switch Cluster - Ford Next GEN Ranger/Everest


      Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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