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4×4 Vehicles Underbody Armour Protection Kits or commonly referred to as Bash Plates or Underguards are specific solutions designed to protect the underside of your 4WD vehicle from anything that could potentially damage. This can include rocks, stumps, ruts and ground strike.


These Underbody armour Kits depending on your vehicle specs will offer more robust protection to your Steering, Front, Sump, Transmission, Transfer Case, and 4wd actuator compared to standard factory protection.


If you do a lot of tough off-road driving trips then you know just how important underbody protection is and how the underside of your four-wheel drive is so vulnerable from potential hazards such as a punctured sump, a tail-shaft jammed with logs, or even a damaged radiator that can leave you stranded in remote, hard to reach locations.


These bash plates kits get specifically designed to maximize underbody protection while maintaining clearances and are an essential part of every 4×4 set up for offroad adventures.


6MM Thick


Aluminium Engine Plate - SKU: 2333.5710.1.6 - $499.99

Aluminium Transmission Plate - SKU: 2333.5711.1.6 - $319.99

Aluminium Transfer Case Plate - SKU: 2333.5712.1.6 - $319.99

Aluminium Fuel Tank Plate - SKU: 2333.9505.1.6 - $349.99

Aluminium Lower Control Plates - SKU: 2333.9525.1.6 - $229.99

Rival Alloy Under Body Armour Kit - Toyota Hilux N80


    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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