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Our dependable new Recovery Track Mount is a smart, quick, secure way to keep recovery tracks on hand and within reach. Now you can deploy them whenever you need traction.



  • Weight - 1.45 kg 
  • Dimensions - L 25.4 cm  x  W 7.6 cm  x  H 29.2 cm 
  • Capacity - 16 kg load capacity



  • Holds up to four Exitrax, MAXTRAX MKII™, TRED Pro™ or TRED 800/1100™ recovery tracks
  • Durable molded base is built for rugged travel in a range of conditions
  • Tracks stay secure with Yakima Heavy-Duty Straps for a confident hold on rugged terrain
  • Attaches to the SideBar™ accessory on the OverHaul HD™ or OutPost HD™ and to the HD Bar or other T-slot style crossbars
  • Includes hardware for both HD Bar (top and bottom T-Slot) and standard T-slot crossbars
  • Requires 20–35" (49–89 cm) crossbar spread range (unless paired with SideBar)
  • Easy on-off placement in minutes with our patent-pending

Yakima Recovery Track Mount

SKU: 8001164

    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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