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Time to add some Beef to your Ranger.  By Beef I mean Beefy tow points.  These Rated Tow Points work perfect for pulling yourself (ha ha) I mean recovering yourself or others.  Don't get caught out with out a way to be pulled off, sorry i mean pulled out.


Works perfectly with Offroad Animal Bull bar and bumpers


Does not work with ARB, Ironman or TJM bars. Also does not work with factory bumper.  Sorry mate.  You could always sell that one and buy one of our spectacular Offroad Animal bars.



  • Rated to 4000kg for recovery
  • Great for getting unstuck (see you thought i was going to write a pulling off joke ehh)
  • Great for getting unstuck quick (because they are powder coated Red)
  • Makes it look like you actually go offroad, so you're mates and/or girlfriends will be impressed


  • Each plate is laser cut from 12mm, so doubled up you get a nice chuncky 24mm of beef, I mean steel
  • Zinc Plated then powder coated Red (for speed)
  • Easy install with provided nut plates


Included in box

  • 4 x Tow points
  • 5 x Spacers
  • 4 x M12 nut plates
  • 5 x M12 bolts
  • 1 very nice Flange nut

Offroad Animal Recovery Points - Ford Ranger


    Please get in contact to check for stock availability.

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